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Monday, June 6, 2011

Tara's Darkness

..... what type of punishment is this? Tara thinks to herself... She has been locked in her room for 3 days now, no access to sunlight except for the rays from her room, her cell-phone and computer taken away.. She came home at 9.15pm on Thursday night (15 mins after her curfew)... and this is her punishment.

As she hears keys shuffle in the key hole she shivers, her lunch is here... her heart begins to race. This isn't new to Tara, this is an example of her dad's perfect "discipline." Tara is a 16 year old girl who is (miraculously) full of life. She's the only child of her parents and her mom left when she was 5. Her dad is all she knows and he never really told her why mom left; he says; " she just got tired."

Tara pushes her food to the side and can't stop thinking about this prison she calls a home. She began to wonder why her mom left... did she get beaten, raped, financially or emotionally abused too? Tara gets a flash-back to when she got into a fight at school (she was 12). The "popular" girls tried to cheat her and she taught them a lesson. News got to her father. And.......

...... Dad called her to his room to explain what happened; with the usual ritual he said calmly "well, you know you are going to get punished" Tara never knows what her next punishment would be; it is usually something new.  He took a drive out and came back with two skanky looking women. Tara's punishment was to watch. Another time, he forced her... she cried and begged but the slaps just kept getting worse. He raped her.

No one knows what she secretly goes through. Her dad is financially well-off. Tara is more than financially comfortable. She gets some weekly allowance, some money to shop, goes to a prestigious high-school.. and so on...... It's the punishments she doesn't understand. Why not ground her, or take away her phone for a week or something... ??

They moved to British Columbia from Mexico when Tara was 7. Dad barely keeps a long-term friend; in fact, he usually comes back from work  and then to work again. His regulars  are work-parties and cocktails.

Tara is part of a dance group at school, she is also on the volleyball team. Dad has never missed any of her performances or games... He is always there.  So see, everything is fine so far Tara doesn't "go wrong."

.... ...   Tara sometimes thinks of running away but where to? She thinks of talking to someone but she loves her dad; though he appears to be a monster sometimes.. and even when she wants to hate him, she just can't. .. "well it's only 2 years before I go away for College" she thinks...
But what happens before then?


  1. This is very nice and i await the sequels.

  2. "Another time, he forced her mouth down his pants... she cried and begged but the slaps just kept getting worse."--ehnnn?? warris dis biko? Is it wat Im thinking??
    if it is ewwwwwwww!!

  3. Thanks A-9ja-Great
    @ Gee it's what u think X_X. But I guess many pple are offended by it.. soo I changed it.... btw; these things happen in real life...

  4. how Apt...I moved to BC three years ago and trust me Tara has a legitimate reason to want to run away.
    Love the darkness of this...can't wait for the next part.

  5. thanks Tinu :) ... Yes I think she should but there's d other option too i dunno

    btw I get really happy when someone frm another part of Canada reads lol (dunno y)