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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


She stares right at me
Her eyes piercing like she reads me
I disagree: but in my heart
I know she lies NOT

Lies or truths
I can't even tell
But she whispers to me
making guilt eat me up

But I haven't said anything,
not done anything,
Just looking right back

I look closely, and...
She's me; my reflection
She speaks my mind

I said nothing
But fear is here again
Is it time to run again?
I don't want to...

But.... It's attractive
Is it safe? Is it right?  
Not really; my mind says no
but... It is just interesting, exciting,
absorbing, adventorous...

But guilt is here
She whispers:
" will you stay? "
I say:
" time will tell.. I have no answer.."

**BTW* aside from the fact that the picture helps to explain the poem, I LOVE  LOVE this shade of lipstick and nail polish :P**


  1. This is really neat! I really like this!:). Your writing is very unique. Keep up the good work.


  2. i dnt fully understand this poem, is she scared of her reflection? :P

  3. @ sweetly broken thanks :)

    @ kitkat loool, I saw this coming I knew someone would ask lol... nope!

    You know when you know the right things to do but cos of selfish desires you don't want to... and then your conscience keeps reminding you? (and it keeps going back and forth in ur head)

    something like that ... maybe the title should be something else?

  4. I LOVE IT 2 MUCH ....AS IN 2 MUCH

  5. ahaha u go fear poem naw--awon deep sturvs and co! LoL

  6. The explanation you gave Kitkat helped me understand. Nice poem, you write well.

  7. @lani & Myne thanks :)

    @Gee loooool