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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Last Shall be the First

I don't know why my mind picks on a few words and just meditates on it. It feels like the only sentence I have been hearing for some weeks now is "The Last Shall be the First."  ....    I have heard this and even read myself in the bible soo many times, but it was on father's day at church. They showed a presentation where kids explained what they expected parents to do.
Soo one of the kids said "To teach me that the last shall be the first".. felt like I only just heard it for the 1st time. ... like it only just became clear to me...

It's all about me
And everything I own
And the things I have built,
only I can control and enjoy

I see desperation in her eyes
But I don't have to be there
I know I have the answer to his prayers
But I have a choice to withhold
Am not hurting anyone, but I worked for this

It all came crashing
All my hands had built
And when I looked around
My world was cold and empty
Hunger wouldn't kill me
Tears won't drown me
Then I remember a lady once said
"..and the First Shall be The Last"

I turned around and saw a friend
Was a friend.
His life was crumbled too
But you could hardly tell
New doors were opening
His life was taking form again

I had laughed at him
He was "too nice"
Almost always there
A helping hand,
and a giving heart

And again I remember that lady saying:
" .. And the Last Shall Be The First..."

But those we saw on our highs
Are those who see us now;
from their highs.
And I remember that lady saying:
" .. And the Last Shall Be The First..."

So here I am
Wishing I had put others first
At least, sometimes....

Abi Tobi

 Btw.. my friend has this idea to write a story by as many people as possible on her blog. So U will be writing the story too. It already started, You have to read what others have posted, it's supposed to be fun, interesting but PG13 PLS (LOL)

Soo If you are interested visit: Giagerry at:   http://geeconnect.blogspot.com/2011/06/story-by-blogsville.html  
have fun posting. 

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and am leaving you with Cowboy Casanova :) 


  1. Lovely poem, especially the end. ugh @that pitbull's song, heard it for the first time today on #theVoice, #epicFail. LoL

  2. Already following Gee's story, funny and interesting.

    Your poem is nice.

  3. Read and loved your post, but seems you took it away. This is good too.

  4. lol Giagerry
    thanks Myne Whitman :)