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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Such Is Life

Eyes shot
Memory travels; back in time

Some hearts were broken
Caused some pains
Said some words that pierce like an arrow
Some decisions need(ed) a time machine to repair
(still waiting)

Unfriendly friends,
Best of friends
Malice with family
Laughter with loved ones

Soar relationships
Tears Cried
Heart beating; a little faster
It's love? No, it's just that nameless feeling.

Good grades, bad grades
Disappointments and heart breaks
Hardly working, working hard
Project due, got that raise
Declined or successful
Gets up and moves on

Loud music
Drunk or not; dancing like it's the last one
Laughing out loud. Having a good time

Same mistake made
Lesson learned
No regrets
Just lessons
Wiser; Life is a gift

Things happen
Such is life,
It moves on
So do I


  1. i like this. and its also very true

  2. Abi i must say that i'm thrilled.The simplicity yet deepness of the poems is just amazing.

  3. This right here is life hey. sometimes everything seems so bleak and repetitive, other times i just smile and appreciate being alive :)
    nice poem xoxo

  4. @chocolate diva, @ gateway thanks :) @A-9ja-Great awww that's nice
    @Kitkat yes true, I try to enjoy it; or deal with it no matter what it brings..
    what the heck? life's too short to be unhappy :)

  5. aww thanks for all ur comments; when people can relate/make some connections/sense frm what I write, am happy :)

    I posted a comment to say thanks before now but I guess blogspot swallowed it :(

  6. Great work Abi!