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Saturday, May 21, 2011

na me dull pass!

soo hmm.... I met this guy somewhere one time; when he tried to have a simple convo with me but (with people who know me well) I was all over the place, din't really care at that moment and wasn't in that "convo" mood. Anyways, I went out one weekend and lo and behold! I saw him there looking FINE as Trey Songz (lol, okay; am exaggerating too much-- he is just there). He looked same as the first time except this time, I was in the mood to have a decent convo.

Anyways, I was with my bestie all night and his table was to the far right of ours; she told me he was stealing glances at me from time to time; I was too (hoping that he won't catch me lol) but our eyes met once or twice lol..... My friend kept telling me to go say hi but honestly, I was shy and just slow lol. I was shy, I was like errr and say what? so that when I go "have met u before" he goes "Okay" and all we will both hear are cricket noises?? NO THANKS! loool I din't want him to start thinking I was errr I dunno the word  and I dunno; I don't know the last time I was all "errr...." short of words

hmm... as I was dulling, this girl I know (who has/had no idea about my prey (lol) ) went up to him; they danced and I saw them talking (lool; I wasn't looking :|  ) .. and he asked for her number....

So yes! na me dull pass! I feel somehow; I still don't know the right word for the "somehow" and slow is definitely in the definition ....

Now I should insert that "Should've kissed you" video by Chris Brown... I will just change the kissed to "said hi to" am pained sha and I caused it...  Feels like I took my heart and broke it lol (okay, it isn't that serious) but am pained sha



  1. Awww...I really understand how u feel. Am exactly like u, i met this fineeee guy once and wen he asked me out i said No, i was tryna play hard to get and now he doesn't care about me anymore.

  2. girl, dnt even sweat it.. if the boy was persistent enough, he shld have tried his luck with you buy coming to say hi :p ..instead of simply giving up and collecting some other chick's number.
    Next time though, if you're feeling a boy and you're sure he's feeling u too..dnt dull :p

  3. Aaawwww dear,sorry plenty.I can understand how you feel because i had committed such blunder once or twice,ok maybe three or four times...but that's not the point.The point is,now i'm a hunter and so i don't let such opportunity pass me anymore.So next time,hunt him down!

  4. Life's all about taking risks. We live and learn...#DontDull

  5. @Ope if he had asked for a date I won't have said no o lol; maybe form "busy" but I will have gone sometime

    @Kitkat; that was my consolation; I was like 'well, errr it's his loss he should have been bold" lool
    But I still dulled X_X
    trust me next time I won't dull lol

    @a-9ja great loool at Hunter... will d word "hunting" make a lady sound like a creep?? lol... but I won't dull again sha

    @blogoratti ready for d next "man-risk" lool #nodulling

  6. Buhahahhahah u r a dramam princess sha! LoL, I guess the other girl was the fast typpe, no dulling type. LooooL!!
    Na u dull pass nah.

  7. awwww pele, shit happens. if there are meant to be part of ur life, he would find his way back into it.

  8. lol......Abi...na u dull pass o

  9. aw, that sucks. but it happens to the best of us.

  10. lool Gee! am not a drama anything jore

    lol ladyNgo I love it how u put it the 'BEST' of us :)