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Monday, May 16, 2011


"am in my fourth year and you expect me to start again?? my mother wants me to be a Neodoctorismist and even if I hate every bit of my classes I would stick with it... by the way I really love the business world" translation: I might end up prescribing the wrong medication and killing lives I don't mind; so far I live my mother's dream... My kids can live mine....

"I can't leave my job, really, I can't; no other person will hire me, where do I start from? I hate it but at least it puts food on the table" translation: I am ready to be miserable for the rest of my life and I don't mind going to work angry and unfulfilled everyday.. it's the things in life to be unfulfilled.

"We have been together for 5 years now; and you expect that I don't marry her??? I know she's disrespectful, and I can't stand her one bit, and God knows it's not love I feel for her........ bu..butt what will people say?? am a Christian man!!  translation: If people think I am okay, then I am okay... am ready to cheat once the right girl comes my way and I am also ready to have a heart attack at 30 before I meet my first child ....

"Oh he loves me! I know he cheats, he even flaunts it at my face, but he loves me.. he disrespects me but he loves me, you know he has anger issues, that's why he hits me, but he loves me.... no one will love me better... am 26years old, and not very attractive; who do u expect to love me?" translation:  it's okay if he screws me over and destroys me completely.. I don't mind soo faar it's him doing it....

Fear is what makes us hold on a little too long to anything. The number 1 reason why people screw up their own lives.

It is funny how people keep holding on to that one thing that will completely destroy them; giving excuses, afraid of what will happen if they walk away. I know that whatever it is you are running away from is better than the danger you are heading towards. Life is all about risk and making wise choices; you won't make the move that you know will make you lose all of your money at the casino; why do that with your life??

Why won't we go into that career we enjoy learning; that every time we are in class we are eager to learn.

Why won't we stick with the person that makes our hearts "pom pom dara shuku pam pam" and know it's same with them... why should we keep sticking with someone who doesn't mind hurting us (anyone who loves you doesn't hurt you intentionally)

Why hold on to that one thing that will destroy you; that will make you look back 10-15 years from now and say "I wish I had"  with tears in your heart??


  1. This is really deep and inspiring. Thank you.

  2. True talk! people stay in bad relationships for fear of what'll happen if they give up.

  3. thanks Ope :) and thanks Kitkat; yes people stick to what they think is safe..

  4. It is ok to be scared,but it's definitely not ok to let fear determine your existence.I personally do things that i get scared of,just to get it over with!