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Saturday, May 21, 2011


I have been really happy these days and I really don't know why....  and I need a theme song for this feeling soo if you have suggestions please let me know :D....

So backgrounds; hmmm I grew up in an average middle class Nigerian family. But I have been blessed. My parents always provide all I need and almost all I want. So I can say am spoiled (a little bit).. I won't say I have really experienced "wanting" (except for situations when I decide not to let them know-- like suffering in silence). But then again I am blessed because I know sometimes; even when things are hard, they will still go out of their way to make sure am happy and I don't feel out of place in the midst of my friends or mates: hence, the reason am not a demanding person; I think instead of taking advantage of the situation; it disciplined me.

I went to an all girls' day and boarding school; where girls made other girls feel out of place. I don't know where we all got our mentality from; that one that says: "pple who are not as wealthy can't be healthy with me" but we all lived in that light. Maybe not completely but one way or the other we did.  I watched my mates lie about what they did not have just to feel like part of the crowd, and I heard of some who cried their lungs out so they could take expensive and fantasy things to school. Back then, I laughed at all these people and thought they were stupid. I also watched the privileged look down and make some other girls feel like rats.   

But really, I don't think this will ever end; in high school, students will always make other students feel "uncool" some will do silly things to be "cool." see, we were all really young and naive maybe silly too ... But now, most of us are in university, and some are done... and the thing is; these "levels" thing has not ended.. it's like the older some people get the stronger the attitude gets. like WOW! talk about "growing up"

So it's not like before coming into this world we made some sort of arrangement with God like:  "Yo! Lord, I want to be born in that poor home" or "God, you know how we do! that multi-billionaire gotta be my dad"
like seriously, do we??

We all know that anyone's status can change in a twinkle of an eye.. like the saying goes "no-one knows tomorrow" Why make others feel less? why terrorize others because you are blessed with wealth... One thing is God blesses people to be a blessing not to be terror ... and he can decide to take it all away and give it to someone who will manage it better.

We should all be careful tho.. money isn't everything: and that you have it today doesn't mean you will tomorrow. That you are up there today doesn't mean you won't need those under you someday.

With LOVE,
Abi Tobi

BTW, am a big fan of Chris Brown .. listen to the song below : D


  1. you're right, we should be careful. Tables could turn anytime

  2. I also went to an all girls day and boarding school. Teenagers can be so cruel hey..smh
    I feel like some people look down on others jst to feel better abotu themselves..

  3. well said the high school thing is not going away anytime soon afterall nothing is new under the sun....Its kinda funny how in high school it is who has what while in college its who knows who for example people be claiming they are friend with so and so singer, actor etc when all they did was probably saw them at a concert

  4. lol things people do to boost their ego *smh*