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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tears and Joy of My Land

First, I will like to make it clear that I am not into politics. But I wrote this in August 2008 and I am sharing. I was less-mature then, naive and somewhat innocent. I just couldn't understand why there was so much poverty in Nigeria, so I just pushed it on our leaders; because of all I had heard from family, friends, media and so on. This message is for leaders, yes! But we are all leaders in our own ways and there are people who look up to us, watch what we do, and some younger kids whom we are role-models to; so we have to lead by example. It starts from how we treat (intentions including) our neighbors, co-workers, subordinates, friends and so on ( It goes back to God's commandment of loving your neighbor as yourself). If we want Nigeria to change we have to give what we can to her, we have to decide in our own hearts first that we would close our minds to corruption, and try to set the difference.  I have done some school research on rich resource countries and Nigeria always comes up; so seriously, there should be enough to go round but NOO the poor get poorer.

Anyways, here is the "poem?" (I don't know if it qualifies :$ ) and it is unedited lol

From the green land of Nigeria
A land that flows with milk and honey
where we have got all the honeys
I mean both male and female honeys
She is blessed with true beauty 
We are beautiful to behold.

A land blessed with treasures
while in real sense we have got almost nothing
my land cries in tears all the time
It's full of "big bellies"
those on the high stand, 
swallowed with all the greed in the world
wanting to "chop alone" 
shey dey no go die alone??

My land is blessed with the finest cultures...
greatest dancers, best entertainers....
with the ankra, adire....
hmm, we have got cloths that speak
hair styles that kill,
we compete with the sun, cuz we are hot like fire,
and you can't handle the heat!!

My land is blessed i say
rich with groundnut like sand
wells and wells , and wells of oil
tell me, y should people still have to suffer?
that's why my land cries....

"The big men" say they try their best
but the best u see, they try for themselves
putting the "dou" in their pockets....
and they whisper, " if you can't get here, u can't eat at all"
like my land provided all her richies for them alone.

They silence anyone who wants to lead for a change,
They are bad bad shepherds i say
it comes from my heart i don't want to hide.

My land is one of the richest in the world
and when i do the maths,
it doesn't make sense that people suffer
That's why my land cries

Nigeria got brains..... 
Nigerians got brains

We got people like they are money banks
we got houses like they are palaces
we got education like it was made because of us
We have got sooo much wealth,
So many wealthy people
Still we got lots who cry for food all day loong
People who work hard and earn almost nothin
tell me why won't my land cry,
why wouldn't she cry for a change!!

My land has joy for having all the wonderful people
she's happy for all her richies, her success....
My land cries for her pains.. for her people
She wonders why those with good bellies don't lead
She wonders why greed has swallowed the hearts of it's shepherds...

(I just want realized that there is a song that goes with it :$) 


  1. LOVELY!!..u'r really talented. I jst hope i live to see a developed Nigeria.

  2. @ kitkat talent? thanks :D lol amen I pray we do. @ Bee thanks