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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ready For Love?

I have had a crazy hurricane scheduled month (March) .. I have been writing papers and studying like I am on some type of drug or something (the academic drug hehehe) .... I can't wait for Thursday when I have my LAST presentation for the term (oh my! I think I would jump on the roof, screeaaaam, PART-EY!, dance, practically all I have been deprived of in the past month... I CAN'T WAIT! : D )

Talking to a number of people, I began to see that many people are soo carried away with their hunger for a relationship that they begin to close their eyes to what they need/deserve in one..I really wanted to write about this but it wasn't working lol... so I wrote a poem (usually works better for me X_X) that addresses this:

It's what my mind whispered
And what my body cried for
I was ready for love
I was ready to be sunk in 
For every pain it would bring
For Every smile my heart would feel

I opened up
To lions and serpents
Those that will destroy me
For I had said: "I am ready"
They knew my thirst for it
Blinded with lies
My standards were lowered

Oh! I had looked for Love
With every Jack and John
For he might be a "potential"
I told myself..
I forgot what I really wanted
Everyone was what I wanted now
I was ready for love

The wrong type I found
I gave my body and soul
With every stroke that my heart caused
With every smile my body needed not

I ran to it
Unready for what it would bring
Unable to see what I deserved
desperation had called
I suffer the wrath

I was ready for love
With every Jack and John
I found it with the Lions and Serpents
Blinded: unable to see what I needed
Unable to see what I deserved
I suffer the wrath....

I run Out
I see the scars
I might be ready to love
Is Love ready for me?
Now, I watch and wait... .
Able to understand what I need
Opening my heart to what I deserve...

 ~~  Abi Tobi __ 


  1. aww the poem is so lovely and i cn understand where its coming from. Most people just go into relationships these days for the sake of being in one and they end up worse than they were before the relationship. nice :)

  2. they say its when you're not looking that love finds you. nice poem.

  3. Yes, people just JUMP in and Love comes when you r not looking :D

    for your comments xx