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Thursday, April 21, 2011

NFA?? (No Future Ambition??)

So, I had back-to-back finals between Saturday and Tuesday and I have the last one next week Wednessday. Soo like a student who doesn't want to end up selling pepper or cleaning washrooms or wasting her parents money, I came to the library... I have.... I have been in this library for about 3hours and no info is ready to get into my brains... like seriously... am gon' cry, lol.... maybe I need to chill? ..

Anyways, here goes my story about what I want to do with my life. I really don't know what I want to do... okay, I know this sounds like a "no future ambition" kind of thing lol but... See, I have lots of interests, there are many things I want to become and I really want to become all of them. lol, how can I narrow down my interests?

So am in Business School and an Accounting major. Trust me, I love accounting (or so I think) I see myself doing more Managerial Accounting; having meetings with the BOD and planning/managing a company's or the government's funds. I love things like that. Putting things in order

Then again, am a Marketing minor; in Marketing there are a few areas I will be happy to branch into... like Marketing Communications. I want to actually blog for a company (tho, am not as good yet, but practice makes perfect right; I know I have what it takes, and if am ready and interested and with God I will do just FINE)... I love advertising; like I want to be part of a project team that sets up an advertising campaign for a company. Like I have had random unshared thoughts about how I can make a particular Ad more effective. and watching a bad Ad kills me... am like these people can hire me tho lol (I could do some of these things for free lol).... Then, Product management... Just give me the products and the features and I will tell you what to focus on. I really don't have these skills yet because you need some training in the work force to be good at this. But I am interested. I am interested in communicating to people that they need something even when they don't want it.... I think I am a little persuasive but not forceful.... I think some of my soft skills will help me to be successful as a product manager

Then I think of being an Editor or doing more writing; I actually love writing... I remember in high school when some of my friends saw my hidden poems; they read them and laughed at me, I din't care lol... I sometimes think it's because am not good enough that they laughed... but what do I care? I know I have room for improvement... So back to being an Editor; I don't know what my chances are lol but I always dream't of this or having a sorta "Abi's Corner" in a magazine or website; where people will ask questions about different things (things like relationships, school, maybe fashion (err not sure), family, friends, God, church etc).. I still want this even if it's like a part-time thing or something "for the fun of it" (I will do this for free lol)

I sometimes just think am wasting my time in Business School>>> and then I think (I thought about this yesterday) should I apply to law school? I love to fight for justice... I really don't like it when others are being taken for granted and being oppressed... I get really passionate about women issues; those who are looked down upon and mistreated .... I hate it when people treat other people differently because they are of another race. Am African (I know) but all races are guilty (and btw; scientifically race is a void term.... there are more differences in our features "in culture" than "out culture" .... skin color is only one part of it... maybe culture makes us different. I still think it is important to see where other people are coming from, and their backgrounds before judging them)... Anyways, back to the main issue...  I think I should tender my passion in these areas, maybe?

Sometimes, am like should I be in behavioral profiling. Okay, in real life, am pretty much quiet; I tweet alot tho lol but that's because am typing. lol. But it doesn't take a lot for me to understand someone's personality-- when I want to--. Like, I won't act like I do but I usually predict people's reactions and actions and 75% (to be fair) of the time am right. But then again, I won't say I love people par say; but I love studying people; and I act like I don't know what's going on sometimes (I think it's more fun to play along) ..... that being said, profiling would be an interesting profession. or maybe criminology?

hmmm.... what about being a social worker? what more is there than to give (through God) life and hope to people... Like that alone, I can reach out to people and make them understand that with life, there is MOVING ON.... and then GOD perfects it all.......I find myself wanting to help people (even when it doesn't make sense to X_X) noo, I can be mean too lol.... but knowing that I can help with making someone feel a little lighter puts a smile in my heart. But the down side of this profession is, I don't know if I can handle soo many sad stories...  *sigh*

What about  psychology?... I remember when I was between 16- 18 some of my friends teased me about this lol... and then my cousin, who was 13 then said it to me one day   ... he was like "you should consider being a child psychologist" I would enjoy this profession; it's good to be people's listening ears and to offer good advice but then again how much of other people's hurts can my heart handle?? I dunno.......

I like anything that has to do with organizing, bringing people together, events and so on... sooo events' planner. Did I mention that order is important?? oh, don't start to think  of me as some organized freak lol am not really one!.. But I plan... and I usually re-live my day in my head to see if I accomplished what I wanted to, or if I said something/did something I wasn't supposed to... and I check to see where I am at lol.... I don't meet all of my goals but every time I fail, I learn better ways of doing things....
So yes, I like order... I like to put things in order... I sometimes think I would be a good P.A. but  I dunno.... I like the event planning thing; I think if I get adequate training I would like it more. Like I get someone's list carry it out and put a big smile on his/her face doing better than they expect lol... it's not as easy as typing it I know that... I know it takes hard-work, and am willing. I have been begging my friends to go get married (lol) so I can help with planning their wedding (through begging the wedding planner to hire me lol)....

I have actually thought about being a model lol... okay not that type of model (am not tall) but just like for fashion-lines (this is the type of thing I will do for the fun of it) nothing serious. But I have thought about it. If someone offers me I will do it.

I dunno.... am still an undergrad and am gon' be done pretty soon.... but do I really want to throw all of my dreams away because I am getting a CMA or CA (or both) designation? How do I channel my interests? Do you think I need to talk to someone to sort this out? Is anyone out there in same shoes as me? lol

xx ♥


  1. lol girl, you really want to be a jack of all trades huh? :P
    dnt give up sha, who says u cant be most of these things u want to be. i also want to be a writer though i'm studying law. I've thought of being a model an actress, a talk show host lool. Fingers crossed we can achieve most of our dreams..xx
    and goodluck with the exams :)

  2. Focus on the things that you enjoy doing...that's what will truly make you happy in the end. All the very best!

  3. @KitKat lool @ jack of all trades :$ ... U can still be all you wanna be oh lol

    @Blogoratti; thanks for the advice