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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

..... (I can't think of a title lol... )

“I could careless”
That’s what I say.
It is halfly true
Because priorities has dictated this

Searching for something else;
Perhaps; gold, fulfilment, happiness, riches...
Yes, success calls me.

But some days,
My heart is void
Like it needs to be filled; its necessity to be NOT alone
And when hearts fill the streets
I want to be held; even if it’s for a moment or two.

So why do I keep running?
Why am I scared to share all of the intimacy in me?
I know hurts terrify... the past taught me this
But maybe another reason might be valid?

So “I could care less” but
I still wait to meet one who would make me care and more
Or have I? They say you know when you do; I say that’s not true.


  1. This is such a heartfelt poem Tobi....even i cant think of a title...

  2. dumb cheesy quote - 'to avoid great risk is to avoid great love'

    nice poem btw! :)


  3. lovely poem :) ..i can empathize with it. keep it up girl :)

  4. wow its such a heart felt poem, it really reminds me of what im almost going through right now. almost like we are on the same emotional frequency.

  5. I love reading poems that I can relate to - loving it :) xxx

  6. Wow,this is very lovely! If i'm good at titles like they say i am,i'd say the title of that poem should be "I could careless,but..."

  7. aww, it's actually a genuine one; thanks for all your comments.
    I like that people can relate :D

    @ A-9ja-Great lol I had that title in mind too