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Monday, April 11, 2011

Dear Lord

I am waiting on you, to hear my heart cries
To see that I need you; closer than ever
To let me know
That at the end, all of these are for my good

And every time someone comes
And says: “Guess what?!!”
I know you have wiped their tears
And answered their prayers
With all in me, I rejoice with them

So I am expectant
Hoping that tomorrow I can say:
“Dear friend, GUESS WHAT!”

Your time ticking says the best
For you know why it is like this now
But if only I could understand it now
If only I could let go of all of these worries
Because in YOUR time YOU will

Dear Lord,
I write to you today; worried and afraid
I just need you a bit closer
To feel your arms a little tighter
And your face a little brighter 
For you to have mercy and to show me which way to go

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  1. Lovely blog sis! Thanks for following, it is much appreciated!