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Sunday, April 24, 2011


It's 4am and am awake, and I haven't been able to concentrate or study; and I really can't stop thinking... I was in library yesterday when I got the information that my friend lost her brother.. like this is not just any friend of mine. We are  family already; we were about 6 girls and we did everything together. That's why it's really really geting to us. Like he was her best friend; they were two of a kind; she called him her twin; he loved her dearly and vice-versa. Arrrgh! he was sooo young and he had a good life ahead of him and he was a Christian, and responsible and the first child... He slumped. like he wasn't sick, there were no signs, no accidents, no injuries, he slumped; his heart decided it was tired, the air we all take for granted took him for granted yesterday. Death is soo wicked; it sticks out his ugly head and takes those we love away; leaving pain in our hearts; it respects no-one and no age and no culture or background.... It's just sad that as people are celebrating the resurrection of Christ; my friend and her family are mourning the death of a really young man who was good. That he is now referred to as a past tense hurts.

This just reminds me and re-affirms in my heart that it is not just about waiting for the coming of Christ; but about living every single day right in him. We don't know when our time will tick stop. We don't know when God will say that's it. It could be anyone and at anytime. And because we are young and we have dreams and ambitions, we sometimes live too fast and think that perhaps we have time on earth, like it won't be our turn or our loved ones today or tomorrow. We forget why we are here and who brought us here. But it's best to live for Christ and it's best that everyday of our lives we live in Christ's legacy. What's the point of living on the fast track if you or I won't make heaven what's the point of gaining all of the treasures of this earth and not going home to God?

I pray God strengthens my friend and her family. It's sad her parents will not reap the fruits of their labor; it's sad that as Oscar was building up accomplishments the air said no. This saddens me and if it does this way I only pray for strength for his family; strength and grace is all I can ask for them.

I pray the death of young people stops, I pray all of the sad news and people dying declines. Lord have mercy please do. I pray that in times we need strength and courage and when it's hard to believe God holds us a little tighter and assures us that HE IS STILL IN CONTROL. I pray my friend is strengthened; she is soo broken and I don't know what to say to her; I pray God gives me ( and all of her loved ones) the wisdom to be there for her too

Live one at a time; in love and modestly; more importantly, live for Christ, by him and with him......



  1. So sad to hear about the death of yet another young person. I pray God gives them strength to bear the loss. The end time is here.

  2. wow this is so sad. May God comfort her family and may his soul rest in peace. We really need 2 be grateful for every thing we have..We cant afford to take any second 4 granted.

  3. Great post!


  4. thst was really sad. I'm with you in your prayers.

    btw. thanks for following me. I followed you back. :)