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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today am HOT; Tomorrow am NOT

In lingerie & heels;
red lips & long nails;
Almost lingerie I say,
& eyes keep following

"oh HOT damn!"
Men say
I smile and say "you can't taste"
But I sway back
... I got 6 dates and counting

But today I am a bit sane;
A lil' insane to the world still:
I decide to show my nappy hair
a pair of jeans and a simple top
light make-up; they barely notice
I feel like Gold
And I feel BEAUtiFUL

But am treated differently,
Not like I was yesterday,
Like my worth was in my "sexy"
With almost no man seeing beyond

The girls think am crazy;
Because I don't care who's looking
and because today, I won't......

But it doesn't matter who doesn't see
It only matters who does;
the girls don't have to like it/ understand;
For how can two parallel lines meet?

Today am HOT,
Tomorrow am not..
Am beyond that;
a gift given from above;
and my worth over-flows inside-out

It doesn't matter who doesn't see
It only matters who sees.......

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