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Monday, March 14, 2011


I was supposed to have a midterm tomorrow but but my Instructor moved it to next Tuesday! YAY! More time to be here *double YAY* lol....   I was just sitting down and then I remembered a conversation I had with a friend; oh yes! You guessed right!.. it has to do with love :$ what can I say? Am in love with love and almost everyday, I learn something new about it... plus na our right to be loved o! lol...

Anyways, back to the issue here; my friend keeps complaining that she can't stand a guy "PDA-ing" (pda = Public Display of Affection ) She thinks it's annoying and somewhat unnecessary... hmmmmmm......The first time she mentioned it, I kept quiet for like 2 minutes, my eyes opened widely and and... Well, maybe it’s just me...

But really, if my man kissed me in front of his friends; I might get embarrassed or shy but I will feel like he is happy to "flaunt" me in front of them... If he drew me closer in public; in front of strangers, it will make me feel like he wants the world to know he desires me more... And holding my hands; how else can he tell them all that we belong together?... and kisses on the forehead?   the list goes on... : D

Well, PDA-ing, goes more than that; it's the little things, it has little to do with being orgasmic and nothing to do with being disrespectful; I feel like it strengthens the bonds and connections between two people. But wait! I am not talking about relationships where one party isn't treating the other right; like not being there; beating; disrespecting/putting down the other  in front of people or when they are alone... nah! Those are not in my definition of a good relationship...

Okay! to be clear, am not saying couples should be all "PDA" all the time (that can be annoying), and am not saying it's soo important....but I just think it's cute; I think when it's unexpected is when it's cutest (not the akward type of unexpected lol) Plus it's good to know and feel like your partner is GLAD to be yours and you his/hers...(hehehehe)...

Maybe I watch toooo many Hollywood movies, Right? Or maybe am the hopeless romantic? I do not know but this is my take on PDA...

Soooo how do you view it? Unnecessary? Affirming?


  1. i am a hopeless romantic, but im not too big on PDA, well maybe i just havent met the right kind of girl to bring out the PDAness out of me. i usually prefer subtle flirting with my girl when we are out, it keeps things mysterious, i replay the whole first time meeting you card around strangers, i write little notes, i make subtle eye contact, and smile like a 4 year old, but full on PDA seems too brazen. :) thats just my thoughts.

    p.s. i think bcuz my parents never outwardly showed huge PDAness, but they always had cute little interactions.

  2. lool.. that's cute enough tho...
    It's all about showing that you are glad to be with your girl .... am not sayin PDA is soo important but but it's cute :$ (when it's not too much tho)

  3. I am with you on the PDA stuff but some couples over do the thing.

  4. I'm not a fan of PDA!!!!
    maybe because I'm a very private person, but i just cannot...
    I tried it with my ex once and it just felt weird...
    the irony is when i see couples do it, i get this warm glow...

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  6. PDA babyy! i love how you put it..and now I see your point, I guess it is what it is between the two of you, huge slobbery kisses in a crowded place, grossing everyone around you out, or just a subtle eye contact that says a LOT. :)

  7. @ Kemi, Agreed! some couples make me feel like throwing up..
    @ Kiite, am private too :$ but once in a while oh.. well! :D
    @Sparkle haha at Huge slobbery kisses(ewwww) nope! :( I am sure u know what I mean ( do u like the song?) )

  8. im not big on pda especially when its overdone.
    you can hold hands and steal a kiss, but please dont just stand in the middle of the "world" making out for eternity. what a waste of pecious time and traffic (for people who want to get by)

  9. I like your view on PDA,i'm very guilty of it and i definitely ain't ashamed of it.Any gurl who doesn't like it isn't the gurl for me.Nice post.I'm following your blog,reciprocate! ~a9jagreat.blogspot.com

  10. @ a-9ja-great am happy u r guilty it's always cute lol

    when u say u r following me, is it anonymously?

  11. There is a fine line between showing affection and being over the top. A little PDA is not so bad but making out in public and holding hands every second you're together is very 9th grade-ish. Not cool.