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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In You.....

My heart longs to be;
In the place you please,
My mind yearns to stay;
In the world you want

I want your love;
To grow and stay;
I want that faith;
that moves mountains
I love that trust;
that never looks back

For like a child;
I grow and need your grace,
Your wisdom and faith
to keep me in you.

Create in me a heart;
A heart like yours;
That is sooo forgiving
And soo gentle
That will seek YOU always
and would find LIFE in you

I never wanna look back (Lord)
For in you I have found Peace;
and love and assurance
and ALL that makes my heart sing......


  1. Lovely poem! LOVED IT!


  2. wow... thats all i can say.
    p.s. your blog grows every moment i close my eyes. lol. im jealous. when you have a 100 followers or more, we should have a blog marriage, then we get divorced, so we can split all your blog followers. lol.


  3. @ lovelife4sale hahaha! right! lol...

    thanks tho :)

  4. loved it!! its touchung