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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


For the past week; I have come to realize why love is very important; am talking about the agape kind of love, the one you have for your friends and family. I don't intend to go all "spiritual" on you but I need you to understand the basis of my views.

So first, the first and second commandments are the most important " Love your Lord your God with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself" Matthew 22: 37-40. These are the 2 most important commandments.

Well, thinking about it, how can you show love to others if you can not love yourself, how can you appreciate others and see beyond their weaknesses if you don't truly understand your worth? I think it's hard; it explains why some people stay in hurtful and abusive relationships (ie. PLAIN BAD relationships). Well, I have never fallen in love (only STRONG like lol) so I might not understand. But people hold on to what ruins their own lives sometimes. They forget that they will be better without the person and that there is ALWAYS someone out there who would appreciate them for them. (this is not d issue today, I will write about this another time). so Learn to Love yourself unconditionally first. Find your strengths and identify your weaknesses; find  a means whereby you can let your strengths over-shadow your weaknesses ( you can apply this at work as well).

So back to agape love, Love yourself and then love others as yourself. Loving others is seeing past their negatives; am not saying being stupid in your choice of friends/associations lol. But sometimes eh, we just judge people, look down on them, or write them off even before knowing them oh. We can work on that lol.  Love is soft; I mean the soft things you do for people. When you genuinely put a smile on someone's face. Like a simple call, a hug, a smile (those little things). Love is giving; your time, money, talents and so on. Love is patient; to take-in soo much from someone takes love. Love is forgiving; I know it's hard to let go of hurts sometimes, and I know that it's people who we care about that deeply hurt us. But it's important to let go of the desire of revenge and the hurts. Love is encouraging, being there in hard times; listening and giving encouraging words. Love is truthful; being able to correct your friend or family when they stray. But remember not to judge, instead listen and wisely correct. You want to be effective. Love is when your friend goes down and you just want to do everything you can to help them rise again. Love is caring, caring I mean from the heart and not the fake type you experience in various communities.

I feel like love is one of lives biggest investments; seriously, you find yourself being peaceful and light-hearted, you find that you are slow to anger, you begin to see beyond the "things" you have heard about people, and begin to see the beautiful things in their lives and maybe even help them develop these things. Love moves things, ha! trust me it does! Also because love is giving, givers never lack. Because when you are in need there is always a form of provision. Givers never lack :) .

Love is important because it is the basis of a well-lived and fulfilled life. Look at people who truly make a difference around you, whom people just like for reasons you sometimes don't understand. They do Love.

~~Abi Tobi ♥ ~~

n.p. share ur views too xx


  1. Interesting insights.

    I agree with many of your thoughts.

  2. yes they do luv.
    Love is an absolute solid foundation.

    nice post!

  3. Aww, I loved this post. Love is much more complex than people think and if you have it in your life, it's something never to be taken for granted.

    I follow your blog BTW. It's awesome :)

  4. Thanks everyone :)

    @ Alee thanks for the comment; I hope u come here more lol

  5. i def agree with @Alee, its often a very complicated topic to talk about.
    Sadly enough, there are alot of people who have an absence of love or who because they have an absence of love, lack the basic fundamentals on how to show love, both Agape and Eros.
    all i want to do before i die, is learn to truly love and learn to truly be happy.

  6. @lovelife...

    ya true it is complicated but soft and I agree with u on d whole absence causing denial to others....

    hmmm ...u r talking about the intimate type of love when u say "truly love" right?

    Agape love is everywhere and it's the 1st step (my opinion)...