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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Broken Pieces

Bleeding eyes; teary scars
An empty life; crying for help
Can anyone hear;
the cries yelled?
Can anyone see the tears;
hidden in fear?

Broken Pieces
Putting them together
But for a while; they fall apart

The pains untold
They seem unbearable
Hidden in fear;
Denail? fear of being judged?
Denial? fear of being mocked?

Broken Pieces
Healing... .. cries for healing?
Can you hear the cries;
of the soul that wants to be freed?
of the soul that needs to be healed?


  1. i like this poem, it reminds me of me when im down and blue.

  2. :) Broken pieces/ putting them together/ but for a while; they fall apart. Those are my favorite lines..I love how the title fits in with the first line. it's lovely