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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Febuary The 14th

The streets were red
Hearts were dancing
Smiles in the Wind
Mine was there too;
oh! I hoped it was

The wind blew in my way
NO, not the type you think,
It was blue and cold;
My heart was frozen;
Not by things of Love;
by news that make heads spin

So there I was,
Cold as Ice;
It was the day of LOVE,
All I wanted was you;
A strong drink;
To take me to wonderland

But I wasn't looking for love;
Not a date, not a kiss;
I wanted to smile too.
Love could be anything
I felt life break up with me

It was the day of LOVE;
But where were thou;
My reason for being here?
Good news and Blessings?
It was the day of Love
I found none...

P.S. : Love could be anything.........

Broken Pieces

Bleeding eyes; teary scars
An empty life; crying for help
Can anyone hear;
the cries yelled?
Can anyone see the tears;
hidden in fear?

Broken Pieces
Putting them together
But for a while; they fall apart

The pains untold
They seem unbearable
Hidden in fear;
Denail? fear of being judged?
Denial? fear of being mocked?

Broken Pieces
Healing... .. cries for healing?
Can you hear the cries;
of the soul that wants to be freed?
of the soul that needs to be healed?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our Love Story

We decieve the world with this drama
Pretending we are in love
when really, we are in hatred
And for Passion; our red is gone

Oh Fake smiles, kisses and hugs
We go back to being thugs
Smashing and banging
And the glasses are crashing

A red eye; I got from volleyball
oh *Shrugs* he got his too
It's our love story one that shouldn't be told
For lies and pains are filled in our hearts
And our love has gone with our river of joy

Separate ways we say we want
But like a drug, you keep me high
And like ecstasy, I keep u up in the clouds
It's our love story one that shouldn't be told...

The Secret Life of Alicia

Alicia is in an intelligent, pretty 22 year old young lady in her 4th year of Criminology, she will be going to law school this year. Well, the problem with Alicia is that she is fierce; somewhat cold and unfriendly, she walks about like she has no care for anyone and has few friends. One, her roomate and bestfriend Simi, Alex and herself. She wonders if she is her own friend sometimes, she blames herself for almost everything that had caused her pain in life.

Alicia is the last child 3, she was born by Nigerian parents but has lived almost all her life in Canada. She has a senior brother, Ayo, who is 10years older and a sister Amy who is 4 years older. See, Alicia loves her siblings, well.. she sometimes wishes she could hate her brother but she still can't find it in her heart to. When Alicia was 7 her brother had invited her to play "secret drama" in his room. He locked the door and made her promise that it would all be a secret.. in exictment Alicia agreed. He then told her they were acting "mom and dad" they had to do what moms and dads do. Alicia was confused but he offered to teach her. No one was home so it was easy. That night Alicia was raped. Alicia never told anyone because she felt ashamed.... she somehow thought it was her fault because before that night she always ran around the house naked.

Alicia's brother is the sweetest brother also, before and even better after that night. He does everything to protect her. But she can't explain to anyone that he is a monster inside. He is to her the devil himself; but how would it be for her to make her brother look monstrous?

She got into Queen's University and she felt it was the best thing that had ever happened.

I was soo exicted when I got admitted into Queen's University,Kingston Ontario. My family and I live in Calgary but I felt it was really cool that I had to live by myself, with (almost) no rules and with a free life, and also because my senior brother lives in Ottawa. I visioned it as Home-Away-From-Home.I had imagined that my roomate would be almost everything like me; someone who loves shopping; shoe shopping, nice, down-to-earth, and someone I would go to church with.

I got to school that evening with all my bags and boxes, my brother Alex, had come to help me sort things out. We got to my room, saw a girl; sitting quietly on her side, I streched out my hands in exitment to say hi. She looked at, gave us a fake smile. I thought to myslef..."maybe she is having a bad day...."

Well, everyday, I wondered why she wouldn't talk to me, I thought it was my fault somehow, but I kept smilling to her and I tried not to be rude. I never saw my roomate with anyone. Well, with time she opened up and  I realized that she is one of the strongest and most amazing people I know. We have been roomates for 4 years now, I call her my sister from another mother. My name is Simi and Alicia is my roomate.


Alicia was really small in stature and was always bullied in school,  She was never in the popular crowd. She was more like an out-cast; noone was her real friend. All she had going was her excellent grades. She was going to be a lawyer, she knew she was since she was 7. Her parents had taken her back to boarding school in Nigeria just so she could learn some of the culture. She was actually happy about it. Well, it was different than she thought. She was still an out-cast, she had an accent, was mocked "Ajebo" and someone who isn't "truly Nigerian". Alicia din't understand their plight for saying these. Shouldn't her own people love and respect her for who she is?

It was a shock to Alicia when her Government teacher made a move on her. She was molested but struggled and escaped. She tried to talk to her gaurdian about it but was in greater shock when it became a "staff-room" disscussion.. They had called her names, and said she was lying, she got a C in that class. Alicia was/is a straight A student.

Oneday, she was called to the front of a senoir class (a class of about 50 students)... the girl screamed "CLASSMATES, LOOK AT THIS GIRL, SHE HAS AIDS...." Alicia had run out of the class while all of her senoirs were laughing at the "joke" ....

Well, my brother is in love with Alicia, he won't stop talking about her... Alicia this, Alicia that...
Alicia is my friend, and I want nothing but happiness for her. I know Alicia has gone through soo much pain in life.. she is broken, and she needs to be healed.

Alicia had gone through lots of things in life and she had decided that in University, she would drop off all of her "miss nice" attitude. (She always thought that maybe if she was mean noone would have treated her less?) She was going to be mean and stiff, and would never give anyone a chance or make anyone make her feel less than herself. She met one friend who was different than anyone she had ever met. Her roomate.